Arlene’s Morish Hot & Spicy Ice Cream

This easy scrumptious recipe was created and shared by my friend Arlene Collins. She has been a dovotee of Morish Hot Praline for years. Thank you for sharing Arlene and the offering you so generously provided – took to a curry night on Sunday – it was an instant hit – now having a rush on “Hot Praline”.

–  Archie (Principal Nut, Morish Nuts)

Arlene’s Morish “Hot” Ice cream Recipe:


1x 2L Vanilla Ice cream

1x 150g Morish Praline “Hot”


  1. Plain Vanilla Ice cream (suggest Full cream – “What the hell lashout”). Also the end product will always be more luscious the better the quality of the ice cream.
  2. Allow to soften in fridge about hour (do not let it melt), Just sufficient to be able to stir.
  3. Place in a bowl, pour Morish Hot Praline onto ice cream , fold in with a large spoon or a spatula
  4. Taste.! “ Should be pretty yummy.”
  5. Return to freezer overnight.
  6. Gather friends around. Share and enjoy.

If you wish to enjoy more crunch and nuts – I suggest 2 packs of Hot Praline. This will also add a little more punch and nutty bites to each spoonful..

This recipe is highly recommended during winter months. It is rumored to an effective antidote to winter ills.

PS: If your taste buds have not developed to handle “spicy” I suggest Morish Praline (sweet).

ENJOY ! your new gourmet treat-with a zing…

– Principal Nut


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