How to break Morish Peanut Brittle

On countless occasions many Nutters and others alike have asked us: How do I break the Peanut Brittle?

Yes, it’s true, our Morish Peanut Brittle is a tough one. And it does take a certain skill to hear that satisfying CRACK before getting a piece small enough to pop into your mouth.

So for those who don’t remember the days of traditional peanut brittle, we’ve made a special Morish How To.


How to Break the Brittle

Follow your nose towards the sweetly caramel-scented Morish Peanut Brittle. Keep inside the packet, unless you wish for your tasty snack to be a million tasty could-have-been on the kitchen floor.


The Smack-down

Find a hard, flat surface with which to crack the brittle (tables are often the best weapon). Then, with a firm grip, whack the brittle straight down in one quick motion so the bottom smacks flat on the surface.


The Triumph

Instantly, the brittle shatters into perfectly bite-sized pieces to enjoy. Success! (With no broken teeth!!)”



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