Morish Nuts wins GOLD again!

2019 Perth Royal Pantry Award

Morish Nuts has the secret recipe when it comes to snack foods and nuts.

Friday 7th June 2019, The Royal Agricultural Society of WA recently crowned Morish Nuts “Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles” the Champion Snack Food at this years’ Pantry Awards 2019.

The “Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles” which was specifically designed and formulated for Virgin Australia’s Inflight Retail Menu between 2006 – 2017 captured national and international judges’ taste, often done blind, with products only being identified by a number.

It is not the 1st time the “Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles” has been identified as a prime product taking home the bronze medal in 2018.

The Western Australian family owned company, continued to be recognized and awarded on the night with the following:


Champion                 Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles

Gold                          Morish Premium Savoury Nibbles

Gold                          Morish Caramel Coated Almonds

Gold                          Morish Truffle Macadamias

Silver                        Morish Macadamia Crunch

Bronze                      Morish Salted Caramel Peanuts


Morish Nuts signature caramel coating range has boasted awards since it’s debut back in September 2002.

You can find full range of Morish Nuts products on

Click HERE to download 2019 Autumn Awards Results Catalogue published by Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia.

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