Morish Jumbo Cooler Bag

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Morish Cooler Bag filled with value Jumbo Packs of selected Morish Nuts, Peanut Brittle, Macadamia Crunch, Pop-a-Jak and Mini Pretzels for the serious nibblers and to share with extended family gatherings.

Morish Jumbo Cooler Bag containing:

1 x 200g Morish Macadamias

1 x 200g Morish Cashews

1 x 200g Morish Almonds

1 x 200g Morish Peanuts

1 x 200g Morish Peanuts Hot & Spicy

1 x 250g Morish Macadamia Crunch

1 x 250g Morish Peanut Brittle

1 x 140g Morish Pop-a-Jak

1 x 380g Morish Pretzels

1 x Morish Cooler Bag

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