Three reasons you need Morish Nuts in your life this Chinese New Year

  1. A family tradition worth talking about

Using only the finest Australian nuts, Morish Nuts’ wide range of treats free of gluten, lactose, additives, preservatives and colours have been created using traditional family recipes for over 20 years.

With that in mind, if getting stuck into slowly roasted and lightly coated nuts sounds like your thing, then prepare to grace the taste buds by adding Morish Nuts’ myriad of delicious flavours and textures to your Chinese New Year celebrations. Get these bad boys out onto any snack plate and watch your guests flock to the table.


  1. The art of gift giving

Whether it’s the irresistible taste of Morish’s mouth-watering brand of hot and spicy caramel coated peanuts, cashews and macadamias or the zingy flavours of its succulent range of abalone and wasabi macadamias, why not celebrate the excitement and thrill of Chinese New Year by gifting that special someone with a delicious packet (or two, or three) of nuts? Perhaps you’ve worked hard in 2017 and want to reward your own efforts? Go ahead, treat yourself.


  1. A strong connection to the Chinese Community

A myriad of legends and stories surround the magic of Chinese New Year. It’s a time for celebrating a year of hard work, while you rest and relax in the company of family and friends as you wish for a prosperous year ahead.

At the heart of the celebrations, Morish Nuts’ strong connection to the Chinese Community has seen it excel as an ongoing favourite new year after new year, with its extensive product range proving the perfect way to celebrate.


Visit Morish Nuts at the Swan Valley, Fremantle Markets or Watertown Perth locations. Phone 1800 888 184 to speak to the friendly and experienced team to assist with your personalised order or visit for more information.

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